Niamh Nic Daeid

Photo: Niamh

Me and my Work: I teach, lead research, carry out some case work and write books and research papers

Status: realising that I can't type as fast as I thought I could !

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Mark Hill

Photo: Mark

Me and my Work: A bit like ‘Silent Witness’ – I try to tell the story of the person who has died – someone has to.

Status: What a crazy last chat session. Fantastic result. Sorry if we hit the Mods pockets for double the funds. Thanks though.

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Katherine Davies

Photo: Kat

Me and my Work: Researching how we can use flies to determine time since death more effectively

Status: Gutted im out, but still here for the chat this afternoon :) P.s. I cannot answer any more questions - it wont let me!!

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Jodie Dunnett

Photo: Jodie

Me and my Work: Teaching, research and admissions

Status: Writing questions for end of module examinations!

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Jamie Pringle

Photo: Jamie

Me and my Work: Lecturing, research and doing searches for buried material

Status: wow! Me and mark dead heated, cool eh! Thanks for everyone who was involved, especially my fellow scientsts and the mods!

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