• Question: What type of music are you in to & what's your favourite artist/band?

    Asked by dduuaainnee to Jamie, Jodie, Kat, Mark, Niamh on 24 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Mark Hill

      Mark Hill answered on 22 Mar 2011:

      Hi Dduuaainnee
      I like a broad spectrum of music, from Keane, Dire Straits, Queen, reggae, classical, particularly piano concertos and some opera. It depends what mood I am in.

      When I am on a call Classic FM is the only station that successfully drowns out the sirens in the vehicle. After an hour the wailers can get a bit much.


    • Photo: Jamie Pringle

      Jamie Pringle answered on 22 Mar 2011:

      Hello again,

      Mostly indie as that was prevalent in my youth and I kept interested in it. Listened to Bloc Party on my iphone on my cycle into work this morning, a lovely sunny day!

    • Photo: Niamh Nic Daeid

      Niamh Nic Daeid answered on 22 Mar 2011:

      hi again Dduuaainnee

      I like all sorts of music. I currently like a band called Paris Combo which is a kind of funky ‘elevator’ type music but nice to listen too. If I was to pick some favorites then Queen, lighthouse family bit of the Doors, bit of Nina Simone … I could go on and on… 🙂

    • Photo: Jodie Dunnett

      Jodie Dunnett answered on 23 Mar 2011:

      I love any kind of music really from cheesy pop to rock! My favourite band is Green Day but I also love Foo Fighters, Lost Prophets and Papa Roach!

    • Photo: Katherine Davies

      Katherine Davies answered on 24 Mar 2011:


      I like all sorts, from rock to metal, to folk to pop. The only music I dont particularly like is classical or opera. I have many favourite bands, it depends on what mood im in. At the moment, I like Hurts probably the best.