• Question: What do you think about cloning ?

    Asked by irishmafia1 to Jamie, Kat, Mark on 25 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Mark Hill

      Mark Hill answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      Hi irishmafia,

      This is a rather controversial subject, but, despite the potential advances in medicine and genetically related diseases, I don’t feel very comfortable about it, in not knowing the potential health risks, to the cloned life and the environment.

      Thanks for a question that really made me think.

    • Photo: Jamie Pringle

      Jamie Pringle answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      Hello again irishmafia1!

      Do I agree with it you mean? I could do with a clone myself, would make my workload easier! Mine you, not sure where he would stay, maybe in the office?!

      It is obviously a controversial subject, since Dolly the Sheep made her appearance. Interesting she didnt last long, as her cells had the same age as the sheep that she was cloned from (even ‘though she was a lamb) so she died early of old age. Im not sure that they have solved that one yet!

      Cloning your own failing organ in a test tube, so you can replace your dodgy heart with a new one sounds fine to me, it’s the other side of it that might be worrying, cloning body parts from people etc., as Im sure that you know if you’ve seen the Schwarzenegger film!

      We are a long way off that yet, but interesting question.