• Question: Hiyaa guys :) what are your working hours on average? and do you ever get the day off?? x

    Asked by student18 to Jamie, Jodie, Kat, Mark, Niamh on 21 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Katherine Davies

      Katherine Davies answered on 21 Mar 2011:


      I generally work 60+ hours a week, but do make sure I get some time to myself mainly at weekends. I think ‘work hard play hard’, but would always like more time to myself.

    • Photo: Niamh Nic Daeid

      Niamh Nic Daeid answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      hi 18

      My working day starts about 7:30 ish and I leave work about 7:30 in the evening and am home by about 8pm. Sometimes I work in the evenings and weekends but not too often

    • Photo: Jamie Pringle

      Jamie Pringle answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      Hello student18!

      Generally I average 10 hours a day, although I try to get out for a run at lunchtime to break it up! It does vary though, at the moment in term time I work quite hard, whereas in the holidays I do more research: some days this means long days in the field collecting data, whereas other days could be a 9-5pm processing or interpreting data.

    • Photo: Jodie Dunnett

      Jodie Dunnett answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      I work at a University so as long as I am not teaching, I can book time off. I don’t really have a typical number of hours that I work though as each week is different – if there are a lot of assessments going on, I usually end up taking marking home to do once my daughter is asleep but then some weeks I might have more time to do my PhD work.

    • Photo: Mark Hill

      Mark Hill answered on 21 Mar 2011:

      Hi student18,

      I work from 8am to 4.30pm, on call from 4am, or 4pm to half past midnight, on call to 4am.

      It is an average of 40 hours per week, but I usually work well in excess of that, 10-12 hour days( not booked as overtime, just to get the job done). On a seven day shift pattern, I have blocks of three rest days.