• Question: Do you feel like you have reflected back on your work and become a better scientist than before?

    Asked by bones to Jamie, Mark on 25 Mar 2011 in Categories: .
    • Photo: Mark Hill

      Mark Hill answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      Hi Bones,

      Yes, I reflect during and at the end of every job. There is always something that I could do better and I like to think that each investigation and report that I produce, and my performance at court, will be a positive evolution of the last job. Science is all about progressing and improving. Reflection is a natural and essential element of this.

      Thank you


    • Photo: Jamie Pringle

      Jamie Pringle answered on 25 Mar 2011:

      hello bones,

      All work includes some reflection and analysis about how you did, if you did it again, what you would do to make it better and such like. It is an important process to go through so that you get better as a scientist.

      I also learn a lot from my peers, read background information and read reports of other cases in case they found certain techniques or methods of working was good, in which case my investigatory practices also improve. It’s rare that people dont try and improve their current methods of working but it does happen to some people.

      A good question.